Greyhound is a sportive, though friendly dog. He is determined to reach the top, because after that a mind-blowing descent will follow.

Dogs don’t transpire, but loose heat by panting. So is Greyhound.

In my first style sketch I drew Greyhound ‘by hand’ in Photoshop. He is quite hairy, but while he is a professional cyclist, I decided to build him out of vector shapes; smooth, shiny and aerodynamic.¬†In my later design, I gave up the shininess, he needs to be flat, and gave him some texture. This texture together with the handkerchief suppose to make Greyhound more caressable (Spoiler alarm!) so his death in the end will become more touching.

The final version is cleaner with no shine, no texture, and no outlines. His bike is all yellow now.  Simplified as much as possible.


In my new scenario the main character is the dog named Greyhound. The Beetle has a more active role because of his lines of text. The Lady plays the same role though a little more hysterical.

The characters are more elaborated. There is more variable emotion in the characters and the cause-effects are more clear, making the film more coherent.

I also made shot decisions in this version.

Download the PDF file .

Log line

On the slope of the Col de Sac.

Greydog cycles uphill on a thin racing bike. He has a red dotted handkerchief knotted around his neck. He is exhausted but determined to reach the top.

Downhill Beetle stands in the middle of a pedestrian crossing stroking his small shiny black smartphone. He is having a monologue with his phone in faulty Nietzsche frases. His feelers vibrating with excitement.

At the foot of the slope, on a false flat sidewalk, a decent lady wearing a red dotted summer dress crawls on her hands and knees. She is looking for her glasses, swearing and growling.

In this wide landscape a tragicomic but perilous situation arises when the paths of the three characters cross.