During the process Beetle degraded from the main character in the first scenario to only a stand-in-the-way bit player in the final version.
That is what time can do to a character.
Beetle v1 Beetle v2 Beetle v3


Lady looks like a decent lady and she is. Because of the hot wather she wears her best red dotted summer dress.
But in this film Lady is a little bit frustrated because she’s missing her glasses.
You can read her expression by her eyebrows.


Greyhound is a sportive, though friendly dog. He is determined to reach the top, because after that a mind-blowing descent will follow.

Dogs don’t transpire, but loose heat by panting. So is Greyhound.

In my first style sketch I drew Greyhound ‘by hand’ in Photoshop. He is quite hairy, but while he is a professional cyclist, I decided to build him out of vector shapes; smooth, shiny and aerodynamic.¬†In my later design, I gave up the shininess, he needs to be flat, and gave him some texture. This texture together with the handkerchief suppose to make Greyhound more caressable (Spoiler alarm!) so his death in the end will become more touching.

The final version is cleaner with no shine, no texture, and no outlines. His bike is all yellow now.  Simplified as much as possible.